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From μύθος.


  • a UK /ˈmɪθɒs/


  1. A story or set of stories relevant to or having a significant truth or meaning for a particular culture, religion, society, or other group.
  2. Anything delivered by word of mouth: a word, speech, conversation, or similar; a story, tale, or legend, especially a poetic tale.
  3. A tale, story, or narrative, usually verbally transmitted, or otherwise recorded into the written form from an alleged secondary source.

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A story relevant to a particular culture or some other group
  • German: Mythos
Anything delivered by word of mouth…
A tale
  • German: Mythos



mythos p
  1. Plural of mytho



mȳthos, mȳthi


Extensive Definition

Mythos is a Greek word meaning "story, legend" and may refer to:
In games and comics:
  • Mythos (card game), an Origins Award-winning card game by Chaosium released in 1996
  • Mythos (computer game), a computer game under development since 2007 by Flagship Studios
  • Mythos (comic book), a Greek comic book resembling Conan the Barbarian with elements of Greek mythology and history
  • Mythos, a race of creatures in DMFA.
In music:
mythos in Modern Greek (1453-): Μύθος (αποσαφήνιση)
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Marchen, Western, Western story, Westerner, action, adventure story, allegory, anagnorisis, angle, apologue, architectonics, architecture, argument, atmosphere, background, bedtime story, catastrophe, characterization, color, complication, continuity, contrivance, denouement, design, detective story, development, device, episode, fable, fabliau, fairy tale, falling action, fantasy, fiction, folk story, folklore, folktale, gest, ghost story, gimmick, horse opera, incident, legend, line, local color, love story, mood, motif, movement, mystery, mystery story, myth, mythology, nursery tale, parable, peripeteia, plan, plot, recognition, rising action, romance, scheme, science fiction, secondary plot, shocker, slant, space fiction, space opera, story, structure, subject, subplot, suspense story, switch, thematic development, theme, thriller, tone, topic, tradition, twist, whodunit, work of fiction
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